Why Flying Wheels...

March 20, 2017

Have you ever wanted to share some words with someone with a heart of gold?? Sit down and share some with the founder Susan Hindshaw. This amazing woman, and her husband Scott, found a void in a system, then took it upon themselves to fill it.

They found this void the hard way.

When they were experiencing for themselves the hardships thrust onto a law enforcement officer and their family when their world's are turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Through this struggle they vowed to make sure they could do everything in their power to make sure another law enforcement officer or their family didn't have to bear the same burdens. 

This organization was born from a hospital bed. 

I often hear, "Well, why doesn't the department take care of it? It's their responsibility!" Or, "That is what insurance and workers compensation is for."
Anyone who has experienced being on workers comp knows it's not all it's cracked up to be. Especially for long term issues. Just because a doctor prescribes something for a patient doesn't mean it will be covered by workers comp. You are only paid a percentage of your salary while on workers comp The bill collectors don't decrease the amount you owe because you are on workers comp.

Whether it's to help you pay your mortgage, get the in home hospital bed worker's comp denied, or help you survive because your agency dropped you from insurance after your injury, this organization doesn't care. It doesn't matter that you were two months from losing your house when you were injured, they don't care that you made 6 figures last year. What they care about is that you are able to focus on the healing process, both physically and mentally. Let's be honest, the mental portion of healing is probably more important than the physical part. They don't care if your injury is a minor one or one that you are still having to have surgery for 10 years after the fact.

They are here to help you get back on your feet. 

They let you know that you are not alone in your fight to heal and neither is your family. 
Anyone that has been to a line of duty funeral for a fallen police officer or stood in a hospital ER when a wounded officer is brought in, then you understand what we mean when we tell a family you are not alone and that they never will be alone again. The blue line family is strong and we show it in times of crisis. Our injured brothers and sisters are never left alone, we leave no man or woman behind. This means physically, mentally, or emotionally. 

I have stood honor watch over my fallen brothers to ensure they are never alone.

This is my way of continuing my honor watch over my fallen brothers and sisters and ensuring the families know they will never be left behind and my way of showing you are never alone! It is my way of helping those that are healing from wounds, both physically and emotionally, and letting them know we are all behind their healing process. 

When you are at this event, find Susan and Scott and thank them for what their organization has done for our fallen heroes and to help the injured heroes get back on their feet. 

To Susan, Scott and the rest of the Flying Wheels, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

I hope to fill the seats at this event and show everyone the support we have for these heros and these families.

Greater Love has no man than this, that a man lay his life down for his friends.

John 15:13.